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AMHCA Code of Ethics

Revised 2015

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AMHCA Preamble

I. Commitment to Clients

A. Counselor-Client Relationship

B. Counseling Process

C. Counselor Responsibility and Integrity

D. Assessment and Diagnosis

E. Recordkeeping, Fee Arrangements, and Bartering

F. Other Roles


II. Commitment to Other Professionals

A. Relationship with Colleagues

B. Clinical Consultation


III. Commitment to Students, Supervisees and Employee Relationships

A. Relationships with Students, Interns and Employees

B. Commitment for Clinical Supervision

IV. Commitment to the Profession

A. Teaching

B. Research and Publications

C. Service on Public or Private Boards and Other Organizations


V. Commitment to the Public

A. Public Statements

B. Marketing


VI. Resolution of Ethical Problems